The Many Different Baked Goods.

Cake: Cakes tend to be special among the baked goods because it is often associated with life’s milestones like birthdays, showers, weddings, engagements and many other special occasions. Cakes are classified based on whether or not they contain fat also called shortening. There are shortened(butter or oil) cake and unshortened(Foam)cakes and third variety being the chiffon cake

More cakes are Cheesecakes, or pudding cakes are technically baked custards. Petite cakes like cupcakes are miniature cakes.

Muffins: Muffins are small cakes most popular one being the blueberry muffin mostly used as breakfast item loved by many. Muffins can be of various types based on the added fruit, nuts or seeds.

Red velvet cake: When buttermilk and baking soda is mixed results in the reddish tinge of the red velvet cake. This is one of the top 10 favorite baked goods.

bread-749370_1280Bagel: Bagel is a bread product shaped into a ring made of wheat dough which is roughly hand sized and boiled in water first and then baked. It has crispy exterior and doughy and chewy interior topped with seeds on the outer crispy crust. Poppy or sesame seeds being the traditionally used.Bagels are popular bread products one of the American favorite baked goods. many corporate chains now offer bagels in different flavors like chocolate chip and french toast. Since late 1990’s sandwich bagels have become popular.

Pies and Tarts: Pies and tarts are pastries which has two components first the think pastry(pie) dough which when baked forms the crust on the top which holds the second component the filling. The pies are classified based on the filling type. Pies can come in many shapes.

Classic pies: They are baked in pie plates either deep dish or regular with 8 or 9″ sloping sides.

Tarts: They are individually wrapped piece of pie warmed in a toaster.

Cookies: Word cookies refers to small cakes. They have the same ingredients of a cake except they have more concentration of sugar and less liquid content and high fat to flour ratio. They can be of different textures, shapes, and sizes and even come decorated sometimes. Chocolate chip cookies are one of the favorites of baked goods.

Bread Rolls: Roll is a loaf of bread which is small served as a meal accompaniment. It is either eaten plain or with butter. Rolls are either served as it is or cut transversely or with a filling between the slices like in sandwiches. Rolls are commonly used to make sandwiches. There are many names for bread rolls

Dinner roll: A smaller roll of bread often crusty served as a meal accompaniment. Bun, finger roll, Italian roll, french roll, dollar roll and other rolls come under bread rolls.

Chocolate confections: Most beloved ingredient in baking is chocolate when it comes to candy and confections

Custards: They are thick, creamy sweet made with a mixture of eggs or egg yolks, milk or cream, and flavorings. They can be made on a stove top known as Stirred or in an oven known as Baked.

Pudding: There are four major types like Baked, boiled, chilled and steamed.

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